• YouTube bots

    YouTube bots

    Get the best YouTube bot commenter and rater

    With this software create for youtube you can put comments with features inteligent to allow you to bypass the security youtube, comment youtube, rate commenter, subscribe, like or dislike videos.

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  • Facebook Bot

    Facebook Bot

    Get the Best Facebook bot commenter and poster

    Facebook bot, get a lot of traffic on facebook to create views, pub or post comment and like rate your comment, it is very easy to generate views with this Facebook bot, it you just scrape links and send the comment with your website or video.

  • AddMeFast Bot

    AddMeFast Bot

    Get the Real Power for your Section Features

    With this Addmefast bot you will be able to create a huge number of points, without getting blocked by facebook, benefit from the option multi accounts, so you can get even more points.

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Software license

Our software is sold under license it runs on a single computer but we can give you access to the other computer.


Software is 100% configurable and our team continues to add functions to make the software even more robust.

No get blocked

Bypassing the google check with to the recovery email in order to use proxies on the software and continue the job.


Access to all our tutorial videos, forums to much understand well the bot operation and for a better setup.

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Welcome to OptiBot software commenter and rater

Our software is designed to generate full of clicks on your site, video, worldwide content.

Whether it be Youtube comment or Facebook comment you can generate lots of views

and make your business a great importance in the internet world

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  • Reliable software
  • Everytime updated
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  • Full help you to setup and work
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    Thanks to this software get visitors to your sites, views on your YouTube video but also backlinks for your referencing

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