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Instagram Bot: Likes, follows, comments


Instagram Bot 2017

facebook bot comment 2017Optibots allows you to automate your Instagram actions. I make the following caution: be careful with automation. Anything automated makes the robots can make mistakes or just do just about anything. Otherwise, I really advise you to discover the tool and maybe it will be useful for you.

The tool is free for 72 hours of use . On the other hand, it is very simple to have a boost of activities with a short lapse of time done. For example, in 3h, the tool liked 53 photos and tracked 36 users. Plus, it really does not cost much for more time.

facebook bot comment likesBut as I said in the game input, automation should be used lightly, but I think the tool can be very interesting to increase the number of subscribers to an account easily and relatively targeted.Adding, this would run counter to the rules of use of Instagram: You must not create or submit e-mail, comments, likes or other forms of unsolicited or insistent commercial communications (ie “spam”) to Instagram users.

The instragram bot as a creative tool to clone a small robot ( bot ) yourself with the same interests and styles you, and who will then work alone for you on Instagram ” to win More and more subscribers for your Instagram account . And it worked.

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This is a web application that will enable us, mainly, to automate a number of actions on our Instagram account. Concretely with Instagram bot we will be able to make a “Like”, to add a comment or to follow other accounts automatically.

To understand how it works, suppose we have a shoe store. To give visibility to the Instagram account of our shop, we will therefore follow or make “like” to all images or accounts related to the term “shoes”, for example. Rather than doing this manually, every day, with Instagram bot we can program it so that it is done automatically, without any further action on our part.

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Advantages and disadvantages of automation

The obvious advantage of using this tool is that it saves us a lot of time by automating actions that we no longer need to do manually.

But the big drawback of automating all our actions is that our Instagram account will lose all its “human nature” because it will be managed by a robot and no longer by a person.

In other words, the use of tools such as Instagram bot is highly recommended to help us to promote our on social networks, however its use must be moderate under penalty of being confused with a “bot” by the system.

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