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Fiverr bot

best fiverr bot


Fiverr Bot 2017

facebook bot comment 2017What are you going to serve this Fiverr bot? this site allows you to sell and buy services of any type of business, if you are a seller then you will be able to send private messages to all buyers of other sellers, so that are redirected all to your payment page.

facebook bot comment likesBot Fiverr can also bring you a lot of traffic, it is good to know that fiverr has a large number of members, just share a youtube videos for example and tell the seller that you had a problem with your videos, sellers will visit Your videos and you will gain views.

facebook bot comment Auto

This bot fiverr will allow you first of all to retrieve a maximum of page gigs as well as the contact pages of the buyers for their send private messages in mass, increase your business or views with this Bot Fiverr on optibots.

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best fiverr bot

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Jvc Bot: Scrape links, mass auto thread, mass auto messages.

Jvc bot 2018

Jvc PM Bot from razor bots on Vimeo.


Jvc Bot 2017

facebook bot comment 2017This Bot JVC ( will allow you to post or comment randomly on the forums that you decide to comment.We will create a free version for all Optibots members and a premium version that will require much more upgrade for security codes and of course many more features.

facebook bot comment likesWhat exactly is It is the biggest forum in the world when we talk about the number of sections it poses. There are thousands of gaming forums and not far from 60 000 000 visitors by month.

Many articles are created daily and is easily found on search engines. If you post comments on articles that are on google you will greatly increase your revenue and traffic, or just send full of article by minutes so that all members of a forum click on your YouTube video to make views and maybe new subscribers.

facebook bot comment Auto

With the bot I could make money? With this software it is very easy to create articles without getting removed, this can be done because the forums are very big, you can use spinner title and description spinner in order to make your articles visible on google.

Free version

  • Comment articles on a forum specify
  • Very slow 20 seconds waiting
  • 100 reviews maximum
  • Working with XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10


Premium version

  • Scrape all forums or threads from google
  • Comment on any articles
  • Proxy support
  • Create articles on any forum
  • Title random (spintax) or in text file
  • Message random (spintax)
  • Time between each article / comment
  • When you are banned the bot auto connect on an other account
  • Proxy support (ip, port, user, pass)
  • Save threads  (new)
  • MP Bot  (new)
  • Accounts Creator (new)
  • Bypass the captcha (new)
  • Working with XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

jvc bot auto post comment

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