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Comment up-vote problem not working what is happened ???
Many people wonder if our youtube bot upvote comment still works, is that the case? yes it still works !!

of course it will be much more difficult than before,(this is the case for all the bots and even your browsers) but still possible, in this article I will show you how to succeed

YouTube has updated an anti-bot for upvote comment, then now it is more difficult, but if you succeed, like there is less of competitor, this is benefic

►Well, first! you will need to post your comments with an active account very imortant, because you comment do not up without
What is an active accounts : accounts have subscribers, video if possible, and viewer channel

► Upvote with a maximum of accounts with the more activity possible but freash working

►Put a time between each upvote (15/30sec)

►Use proxy dedicated or semi (warning youtube detect a lot of proxy) it is sometimes better to work with its ip or that connnect has a vpn

►If YouTube did not take your upvote into consideration, redo a tower with the bot, with our new feature, if the comment is already upvote it will not upvote again to get unliking.

►Do not upvote a lot of links in a day, you accounts can get disable if you upvote on a short time many links, the accountw where you posting comment do not get risk but you accounts when you upvote with yes.

► Use random reply comment with empty line, see example 
.txt   commentaire.txt (Size: 816 bytes / Downloads: 23)
New update YouTube for upvoter !!

Now all links posted can be block by author

and comment without good activity like 10 vidéos and 200 subscribers are not uping !

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